Friday, October 8, 2010

Loving you is easy cause you're boothiful!

London needs more of the old fashioned photobooths that you find all over the place here in the USA.

It is so fun going on a night out and jumping in a booth with a bunch of friends, pulling silly faces and hoping for the best, then having a good laugh at your strip of seemingly similar, yet precisely different photos.

They are also fun mementos from a date with your boyfriend at the beach, or after a night dancing at a bar...

On occasion, they come out looking horrendous...or sometimes they don't even come out, because the busted old machine wont give it up, or the ink covers the whole strip in one big splodge, but this is all part of the fun!

I went to a party in London earlier this year, where they had hired a photobooth for the night, but on average they are so few and far between, and the ones you find in stations and supermarkets are those rubbish digital ones that come out in block format with four identical colour pictures.

Hand me a cocktail, lead me to a photobooth and then we're talking...

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