Monday, January 10, 2011

Bullfrogs, dinosaurs & hepcats!

The Piccadilly Bullfrogs played at The Blues Kitchen in Camden last Thursday night, so we went to check them out. The Blues Kitchen hosts many a great musician and most nights it is free to get in, so if you want a cheap night out with live music, this venue is a good bet.

This three-piece band was great - fun, charismatic, danceable and enjoyable to watch. There was even a washboard that featured in a few songs - need I say more?!

We had a lot of fun, and even though there was only a tiny space to dance, (due to the amount of tables and their positioning in front of the stage) we still managed to get in a few, and will undoubtably be enjoying more when the band plays at The Cat's Meow next Saturday.

Friday was non-stop museums as we went to the Science Museum, V&A and The Natural History Museum. The Apollo 10 space capsule is currently on display at the Science Museum, so we decided to focus our visit on astronauts and aviation (there is so much to see, and frankly, museums tend to drain my energy after a couple of hours, so we chose a theme to stick to).

There is a 4D Imax film about the Apollo 10 mission that is playing there at the moment - smoke, water, moving seats and 3D glasses. The film is set on the moon, and although it's not really all that realistic, it was still quite fun!

After the Science Museum we headed to the V&A for a look around. I love the marble sculptures on the ground floor. It is amazing to be able to walk through beautiful rooms and hallways filled with sculptures that are hundreds of years old and not behind any glass casing.

Finally, and saving the best til last, we went to the Natural History Museum. Exhibitions aside, this is pretty much my favourite building in London. It's soooooo beautiful and intricate, both inside and out. I love the fact that this gorgeous building is so accessible to the public - apart from being a museum, it is also free to get into (as are the two previously mentioned museums).

Saturday night resulted in some seriously achey feet on Sunday morning! We started the night at Bar Zensai for the rockabilly happy hour - great music, yummy 2-4-1 cocktails and it's freeeeeee! It got pretty packed, and as well as a couple of dances and a couple of rum and champagne cuban cocktails, we had an annoying couple of minutes when we went to leave and all our stuff had been moved by staff to make way for a group of girls out on a hen night. Apparently they thought that we were capable of leaving the venue without our bags and venturing out into the cold without our coats, so one of the managers stowed our stuff away. Annoying, but once we realised it hadn't been nicked and found it all, we hit the road and headed to Saturday Night Swing, which was fun fun fun and hours of non-stop dancing!

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