Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday Cake.

It was Aaron's birthday last week, so I decided to make him his favourite cake - German Chocolate Cake.

We don't have this cake in England, but as I had tried a slice at a party in the USA a couple of months ago, I knew it would be a delicious option, if I could pull it off....

I love cooking, but don't really bake so much. I think it's because when I cook dinner I can experiment a lot more, but with baking, you have to stick to the measurements and ingredients, and that's where I can get a bit lazy.

Anyway, I found a great German Chocolate Cake recipe online and set to work.....

The recipe called for baking three small cakes in separate tins and assembling, but I just baked one big cake and sliced it into three layers.

It came out soooooooo delicious (even if I do say so myself!) and moist and rich and chocolatey! The cake part was almost brownie-ish in consistency, and the frosting was chewy (it's a caramel, pecan and coconut frosting).

The birthday boy was happy....

The addition of fresh raspberries and cream complimented the rich chocolate cake perfectly.


  1. That looks so delicious, 'specially with the raspberries!

  2. Ladies, if you like really rich, chocolatey cake, then this is a brilliant recipe! It was soooooooo yummy! I was sad when we finished it haha!

  3. I haven't felt this spoiled on my birthday in a very long time. I was so surprised and overwhelmed with love that you would take the time and make the effort to present me with such a lovely and delicious cake.

    Once again...when I think I couldn't possibly love you more than I do, I discover that I sell myself short. Thank you, Melanie!

    I LOVE you, my Incendiary Blonde <3 <3 <3