Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Boy!

In my last blog post, I chronicled the making of a German Chocolate Cake for my fiancé's birthday.

Aside from channeling my inner Nigella, to become a chocolate cake-baking, finger-licking goddess in the kitchen, I had to pull out the big guns in both the shopping and dancing stakes to ensure that the birthday boy would have a wonderful time, especially as he is away from home.

I got so into the cooking side of things, that breakfast in bed (complete with heart shaped egg) was the easy part.

Now, I find gift shopping for men to be a most arduous adventure, especially when on a budget and working within a short timeframe. Having a birthday with such a close proximity to Christmas also meant that I had just about managed to find festive gifts, and then pretty much had to start the quest all over again.

Well I needn't have worried, as I found the perfect pressies, which induced the desired reactions!

A nosey around Black Cotton Vintage in Camden produced the perfect items, which look super sharp on my sweetheart.

Presentation is key, and I just couldn't resist the zebra-print wrapping paper...

We went to The Cat's Meow for a night of non-stop dancing, featuring DJs and performances by The Piccadilly Bullfrogs (who we went to see earlier this month at the Blues Kitchen).

I secretly arranged a birthday jam for Aaron - he was soooooo surprised, and I was glad that he got to celebrate his birthday on the dance floor!

After a fantastic night, I was rather disappointed that my shoe broke on the way home! I bought a lovely pair of reproduction 1940s wedges at the Art Deco Sale in San Francisco in December, and this was only the second time I had worn them. Hmmmmpppppphhhhhhhhh! This was not some little breakage either - the whole wedge part of the shoe fell off! Needless to say I was unimpressed, especially when I went to see a man about a shoe and he told me that they could not be fixed....

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