Monday, June 9, 2014

Viva Las Vegas 17 - Part 2

Following on from the first instalment in my set of Viva Las Vegas 17 posts, I'm picking up on Friday afternoon which started off the way any great holiday should - brunch, followed by margaritas with Ben and Elisa aka Like a Tree in the Desert!

I wore my Alfred Shaheen mermaid dress on Friday afternoon, which always makes me feel suitably tropical.

A couple of margaritas later...

Missy of Locks and Lashes did my hair for me on Friday afternoon, and with the help of a head scarf, a daily top-up of hairspray and a few tweaks here and there, I wore that same set until Monday night, by which time it still looked good, but I had so much hairspray atop my mop, that it felt like a birds nest, and I just had to wash it!

Missy did such a beautiful job, and it was awesome not having to worry about setting and styling my hair for the whole weekend!  Just get up and go!

There were a lot of bands that I wanted to catch on Friday night, so we got ready nice and early, and headed to the main ballroom.  It just so happened that Loverboy and I ended up wearing quite complimentary outfits again - or as I shall call them, our 'Flashy Friday' outfits....

 I wore a vintage baby blue lurex dress that I received as a Christmas present from the hubs, with a lucite purse and blue hair flower from You're Naked Without One.

Babes wore a peach and pale turquoise 1950s pull-over shirt which buttons at the neck, with a matching turquoise skinny belt. 

   Flashy Friday!

I was really excited to see Lil' Mo and the Dynaflos who I've seen before at Viva in Brendan's pub, and also headlining the Rhythm Riot a couple of years ago.

Where's Lil Mo?

 .....there he is!!!

They were soooooooo fantastic, and I was so happy that they were on the main stage, as they pull in a big crowd, and they really deserve to be up there!

Lil' Mo and the Dynaflos were followed by DJ Rockin' Vic, who spins the platters that matter!

Everyone was dressed in their Friday best, and I would bet money that the Orleans Casino has the highest rollers (in the dress stakes) during the VLV weekend....

 Check out the matching colours right the way down to the socks!

I was very excited to see Pat Capocci and his band, from Australia on Friday night.  Funnily enough, for some reason, Aaron and I had both mixed him up with Rusty Pinto in our minds (another excellent Aussie musician who we saw at the Rhythm Riot a couple of years ago) and when he came out on stage we were baffled as to why he looked so different.  Finally it dawned on us that he was in fact, a completely different person!  I may not be a blonde anymore, but that was definitely a blonde moment....

 Pat Capocci was awesome - you gotta love a guy in lurex!

Capocci and band put on a great show, and coincidentally, he was wearing a red lurex shirt, just like the vintage shirt that I bought for Loverboy at Christmas (which can be seen in my recent LA post).  Talking of shirts, babes then had an outfit change to get comfy for dancing...

 Prom pose! 

....which was a good thing, because we danced A LOT to my favourites, Pachuco Jose Y Los Diamantes who played a late night set as part of the Wild Records showcase (I believe) in the Bienville room.  I LOVE them!!!! I hadn't realised that they would be playing that night, so I was sooo glad that we happened to be walking past, and caught most of their set!  Dancing to Pachuco Jose makes me very happy....running into my friend Leia Lockheart also makes me very happy....

'Cause I'm so happppyyyyyyyyy!

I love my lurex dress so much that I wore it allllllllllllllll night, and danced at the record hop right until the sun came up, which was around this time...

Late-night record hop selfies...

Stay tuned for the rest of the fun, in part be continued...


  1. Looks like a great time and great outfits!

    1. Thanks Mariela, it was a blast! :)

    2. ps. You should totally come next year!!!!!!! ;)

  2. Love the Flashy Friday outfits. Very impressed that your husband matched his socks to his outfit too. Great hair do!

    1. Thank you! Hahahaha! Yes, he always matches his socks to the rest of his outfit - he has quite an impressive sock collection! ;) xx

    2. When I was young, there was a chap who was a classy dresser at work, and I once asked him what his main advice'd be (As you can tell, I never took fashion advice...) and he said - 'Always co-ordinate your socks.' and I puzzledly responded - 'They only don't match if I'm drunk.' and he laughed - 'No. I mean they should match with what other clothes you're wearing!' Believe it or not I'm sometimes pleasantly surprised when they do!!

    3. Hahahha! In many ways, guys have less ways to accessorize, as they don't carry handbags, usually don't wear nail polish/make-up etc, don't tend to wear as much, socks are one of the ways that they can add a little extra panache to their outfit.

  3. So happy we got to catch up a bit over margaritas amongst the viva madness!!! xoxo

    1. Me tooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) xxxx