Friday, June 20, 2014

The Rockabilly Rave No. 18

Following on from my recent set of posts about Viva Las Vegas, I have another weekender on the blog today: The Rockabilly Rave!

Last weekend was the 18th annual Rave, which takes place at the Pontins Holiday Centre in Camber Sands (same venue as the Rhythm Riot) and features live music, djs, vintage vendors, classic cars, a fashion show by Bettina Scarlett Presents and of course, lots of dancing.

This legendary event is put on by Jerry Chatabox, and runs from Thursday until the early hours of Monday morning.  We arrived on the Friday afternoon, and things were already in full swing...

As soon as we arrived, loverboy immediately started stripping...errr, I mean, trying on clothes...

Lots of people congregated outside the Queen Vic pub, having a drink in the sunshine...

 The cars were already lined up on display...

Pontins was transported back to the 1950s for the weekend.

I got to see quite a few great bands over the course of the weekend.  Musical highlights for me, included Deke Dickerson, who played a great set on Friday night, with Bobby Trimble on drums and Brent Harding on bass.  I've seen him numerous times now, and his mix of country, rock'n'roll, western swing, doo-wop and hillbilly keeps the show fresh and interesting.

 Such amazing guitar skills....

 His set included covers by Lee Dresser and Floyd Dakil Combo as well as original songs. 

 Deke all up in the audience...

Is that a musical chicken in your pants, or....

My favourite act on Saturday night (and possibly the whole weekend) was Scotty Baker and his band, from Australia.  I had never seen them before, and boy was I in for a treat!

His voice is smooth and deep, and reminded me a little of Johnny Cash at times.  I loved the songs and their stage presence, plus Scotty is very easy on the eye...I'm sure his new fiancĂ©e would agree...

Down on bended knee...

She said yes!

Other musicians that I really enjoyed were, Charlie Thompson (sadly I could not get near enough to get a good photo!), Mary Ann & The Tri-Tones, and Lil Mo & The Unholy Four, which featured members of Cherry Casino & The Gamblers.

 The beautiful Mary Ann & The Tri-Tones from Estonia.

 Can we get a lil mo, Lil Mo?

Now whilst there aren't any pool parties at the Rockabilly Rave (there is apparently an indoor pool at Pontins....but, there are chalet parties!

A friend from LA was celebrating her birthday over the course of the weekend, and well, you can't have a birthday without cake, so I baked her a red velvet cake before leaving London and brought it with me...

Birthday girl!!!

Then there are also outside-of-the-chalet parties, with laughter, strolling, jamming and drinking...

There was, of course, lots and lots of dancing all night until the early hours of the morning...

 Photo by Tony Bruce

There was lots of shopping to be had, with both vintage and repro clothing, records, shoes, jewellery and other accessories on sale...

There were so many beautiful cars...soooooo many...

But one of the best things about weekenders, is that you get to hang out with your friends from all over the world, non-stop for a few days!

 Then there's everything else...

  Saying goodbye at 4.30am on Monday morning...

I had such a fun weekend, and it was so nice being in Camber at this time of year - we didn't have to turn the heating on in our chalet at all!  I kind of wish that I had made it to the beach on Friday when the sun was out, but I was just too busy enjoying everything happening at the event itself.  Roll on The Rockabilly Rave 19!!!


  1. Wow! You and Aaron look amazing in your matching Western outfits. These weekenders look just fantastic and like such a whirlwind of fun.

    1. Thanks Mariela!!!! I do love a good weekender! :)

  2. Oh man, oh man!!! I want to go to the Rave so bad now! I can't imagine not having to turn on the heat in the Chalet! Lol! Hopefully we can make it one of these years. Scotty Baker looks (and I am sure sounded) fantastic!

    And of course you and Aaron looked super cute in every shot! Always love those action shots of you two dancing :)

    1. Hahahha! Next year? :P It is pretty amazing not freezing and shivering in the chalets, I must say. Scotty Baker was excellent - I didn't even realise that he played at VLV this year!!!

      Thank you! :)

  3. wow, wow, wow! this looks so fun again ....
    i hate tosay, i totally adore your blue western style skirt with those white fringes. so awesome! is it vintage or repro?

    1. Thank you! It is indeed vintage! I just wish I had a matching top/waistcoat to go with it! :)

  4. Omg! This looks so amazing, and you all look totally gorgeous, just wow! X

  5. Everyone looks like they are having the best time! Gorgeous outfits as always. I love the action shots of the dancing.

    1. Thank you, Kate-Em! I think everything is what you make of it...and I would find it pretty hard not to have fun at an event like this! :)