Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reelin', rappin' and a-rockin'....

Spring is finally upon us, and can I just say how much I've been enjoying this week of amazingly warm and sunny weather!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of escaping the big smoke for an overnight stay in Hampshire. My place of work held our company away day at the delightful Elvetham Hotel, and whilst I am not going to talk too much about that, I had to share a few snaps to show you how beautiful this 19th Century mansion is...

This hotel definitely has the wow-factor, with huge manicured gardens, classic, elegant rooms adorned with paintings and a big glass conservatory to dine in.

The coach journey home was not so awesome, so I opted to sleep through it...

The fanciness of strutting around Elvetham at the start of my weekend was replaced with...jiving around Dingwalls! Not as fancy, but definitely just as much fun.

Jake Allen played a stellar set, which was jam-packed with killer tunes and bucket loads of energy. The Take Me Out contestant has an air of Elvis about him - a tough Elvis, that is. Unsurprisingly, he starred in Million Dollar Quartet, playing none other than Big E himself, so I suppose I was kind of expecting his performance to be a little Las Vegas lounge cheesy...well I was definitely mistaken, and I really enjoyed his musicianship, songs, performance and interaction with the audience. Likey and lighty!

The Space Cadets also performed at Dingwalls, and made an expolosive entrance - literally, blowing one of the speakers during their first song! Once that was sorted, they continued to play (dressed as space cadets, no less) and at one point, they were even joined onstage by Fazer from N-Dubz, performing a most awesome rap! It was pretty surreal to watch this rockin' rap hybrid. I could imagine Chuck Berry singing:

"Well, I looked at my watch, it was ten twenty-six, But I'm a keep on dancin' till I got my kicks! We were reelin', rappin' and a-rockin', We were rappin' and a-rockin' and rollin' till the break of dawn..."

Apologies, that was a bit cheesy, but sometimes I can't help myself from breaking into song. At times I feel like I am living out my very own Glee episode (but with more rockin' music)...

Anyway, both The Space Cadets and Jake Allen have headed Stateside. The Space Cadets will be performing at Viva Las Vegas (Saturday 7th April, in the Ballroom) and you can catch Jake Allen at The Howl Pre-Viva show (Friday 30th March, Webers Place, LA). So if you're over there, now's your chance to support our British musicians and check out out their US appearances!

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