Wednesday, March 7, 2012

JD brings North Side Girl to North London

Oklahoma's golden boy, JD McPherson, took to the stage here in London on Monday for a very intimate show at the Wheelbarrow in Camden. They say the best things in life are free, and this gratis gig definitely supported that claim!

Joining McPherson onstage was silver fox, and founder of HiStyle Records, Jimmy Sutton, on bass. This musical partnership has created a rhythm and bluesy sound which totally shines through on the raw and rockin' album Signs & Signifiers, which was recorded at HiStyle Studio.

Squeezed into this tiny venue, there was no space for scratchin' circles on the old dance floor, but there was just enough space to stand and soak up the electric atmosphere and rock 'n' roll ear candy, such as 'North Side Girl', 'Firebug', 'Scandalous', and their version of The Bellfuries' 'Your love (all that I'm missing)'.

Signs & Signifiers has been my most listened to album this past year. It's one of my favourite records to put on when I'm getting ready to go out, so much so, that my husband doesn't even need to ask what music to play when we're getting ready anymore - he just puts on JD McPherson, knowingly...

I know I'm not alone on this one, as Facebook creepily posts what my friends are listening to on Spotify, and I have seen Signs & Signifiers pop up repeatedly (yes Nicole, I'm talking to you!) over the past however many months.

I enjoyed the JD McPherson show at the Rhythm Riot last November, which was a totally different experience, as it was a way bigger venue, and there was space to dance (I watched for most of the show and then danced with my sweetheart to the encore). Although I must say, personally, I preferred Monday night's performance, because the atmosphere was just awesome, with the band and the crowd totally in synch. I don't know if it's because it was a smaller venue, but everyone was just so in the moment, the band had a great energy, the whole place was jumpin', and the sound was brilliant.

If you missed this gig, JD McPherson will be returning to London to play The Borderline in May....or if you are lucky enough to be going to Viva Las Vegas, he will also be taking to the stage there next month.

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  1. Brilliant blog sweetheart. I could practically feel the electricity that you so eloquently spoke of in your post. I had a big smile on my face thinking of us getting ready to go out and a very pleasant memory of the show together at the Rhythm Riot. I'm also a little jealous to see JD's arm around my North Side Girl...