Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A swingin' 27th birthday!

Well, here goes - this is my first blog post that I am writing as a 27 year old...

I celebrated my birthday on Sunday, taking to Regents Park for a big swing dance picnic. The weather was beauuuuutiful, and lots of people turned up to dance al fresco. Most of my friends who came along were not dancers, but I think it was still enjoyable for them, being outside in the sunshine, chatting and watching the other dancers...with lots of champers and cake on hand!

I had an absolute blast spending the day with my lovely friends and my wonderful mum. There was a great atmosphere, and there were lots more people in attendance than at the July swing dance picnic.

I even got serenaded by the crowd, led by John, a most charming 83 year old dancer who played along on the ukelele. Then we had a bit of a birthday jam, and I tried not to look too clumsy shuffling about wearing shoes that were slightly inappropriate for dancing on grass...I would say that it was a little embarrassing, but frankly, it wasn't - I love being the centre of attention like that!

Having seen photos of my birthday jam since the picnic though, the one noticeable thing is....my bum looked massive!!!! Yikes, I need to get one of those three-way mirrors!

Although I didn't partake in the dance lesson held earlier on in the afternoon, it looked like everyone was really enjoying themselves! Paul Crook and Natasha Hall (my balboa teachers) taught a collegiate shag class, and it was super fun seeing everyone hopping around all over the place.

As with the last picnic, there was another ukelele sing-a-long, which I loved, and also a quiz (which I was not very good at).

I got another rendition of 'Happy Birthday' before blowing out the candles on my lemon and poppyseed cake. I guess when you get to 27 you start losing a little puff (is this how it starts?), because I managed to blow all except for one of them out in one go. I'm sure I was able to blow them all out last year....

All in all, this was a wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, and indeed a fabby way to spend a birthday! We ended up leaving the park at around 8.30pm, and I went home, happy but exhausted.

Roll on the September swing dance picnic!


  1. Happy birthday, Mel!! :)


  2. I really enjoyed reading about your birthday celebration especially since I could not be there in person. I particularly liked all the photos that you posted that seemed to really catch the spirit and energy of the day. However, I must admit that I personally do not think your bum is "massive" I believe that it filled out your skirt quite nicely. Once again, Happy Birthday, Melanie!!

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