Friday, January 31, 2014

Love is in the air...

You may recall that I blogged about my second wedding anniversary earlier this week, and if you follow me over on Instagram, you will have already seen a little sneak peek into our celebration.

My day started by being presented with a big, beautifully wrapped box, containing my anniversary gift - a wonderful 1950s cocktail dress that fits like a glove.  It is coming to Las Vegas with me in April, so I will only show you a tiny glimpse...

After a day which seemed to drag on for forever, loverboy picked me up from work, with a gorgeous, fragrant bunch of flowers and we headed to dinner.  Do you remember me telling you about my birthday dinner at SushiSamba?  Well, we were so impressed, that we knew we had to return for our anniversary, as a special treat.

 If you look closely, you can just about make out the orange lights near the top of the Heron Tower.  That's where we were heading!

We stepped into the glass lift and were immediately shot up into the sky, whizzing past tall buildings, above the trees, and looking down onto the twinkling lights of London...

On arrival, we were led into the restaurant, and given the best seats in the house - a big comfy booth, for just the two of us, overlooking the city.

Of course when you are celebrating, you have to kick off the proceedings with a glass of bubbly...

...and a portion of seared wagyu beef, topped with a generous portion of fois gras and a quail egg....after all, it is a celebration...

No celebration would be complete without a cocktail (or three) and I plumped for the Yuzu Gimlet, which was the perfect choice for me, as I prefer dry, tangy drinks over sweet ones.

Our favourite dish, same as last time, was the grilled black miso cod, as it is just the most perfectly balanced, light, delicately flavoured fish you could ever try.

I also enjoyed the duck, but the most interesting flavour combination went to the salmon, which was cooked with orange miso and Peruvian dark chocolate.  It shouldn't work...but it does.

We shared a dessert...and immediately ordered a second one (it was a celebration, remember?) choosing the With Love From Rio (coffee, chocolatey, creamy goodness), and the organic red chocolate chili peppers which we remembered fondly from our last visit.

We popped out to the balcony after dinner, to snap a few photos by the amazing tree in the sky...

Loverboy looked handsome in his 1950s flecked jacket, and I wore my new favourite vintage two-piece knit set, which I got from Aaron for Christmas.  Unfortunately the details don't show up on these photos, but the top has lovely scalloped edges around the neck and sleeves, and the skirt has an amazing loose knit, with almost see-through gaps in the stitches.  I will take a close up of the pattern next time!

As ever, the service at SushiSamba was impeccable, the view was mesmerizing, the food was delicious, and the bill was pretty hefty!  A romantic evening, and the perfect way to mark two years of marriage with my sweetheart.  


  1. What a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary! You both look fabulous and I cannot wait to see you in that dress at Viva!

    We really must try that restaurant on one of our visits. Closest we have come so far was riding by on the bus. Next time we'll make it inside! ;)

  2. You two certainly know how to celebrate in style ! You both look fantastic and look like you had marvelous time. That color looks great on you.

    I often wish we had places like that in Northern Nevada but no dice. There is a few nice places in Lake Tahoe but I figure if we can't afford the wine (starting at $100 a glass!) we probably can't afford the meal.

  3. Handsome!!!! You two look so classy, I love this! Cannot wait to see your new dress in Viva. This restaurant seems to be a really nice place.
    I must tell you that last year I forgot our anniversary... but I remember my second one really well, we were on the beach for a luau in Hawaii.

  4. Looks like a fabulous celebration. The restaurant sounds like a really special place. Like all the pictures of the London lights. Intrigued about the dress in the parcel! Would like to see the detail in the lovely outfit that you are wearing.

  5. You both look so romantically lovely. What a splendid anniversary celebration! Love the sneak peak of your new dress - it looks like a stunner!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary! You and your fella both looked smashing!!! I love that dress paired with that stunning necklace! Great combo of colors! I love SushiSamba too! I have been to the locations in Vegas and Nyc. So so good! I could not stop eating! Lol!

    I am loving that brilliant sneak peek of your new dress! The little bit of detailing looks oh so pretty! I hope to see you in it at this year's Viva!!