Friday, April 12, 2013

Viva Las Vegas 16 - Part Two

In my last post, I spoke about the start of my Viva Las Vegas 16 adventure.  Following on from that, I'll pick up from Thursday night, which was one of my favourites!

Highlights from Thursday included, but were not limited to:

Roy Rapid & The Rhythm Rock Trio who played a storming set in Brendan's.  I had been looking forward to seeing these guys, and they did not disappoint - great energy, great songs, and great stage presence!

More gun shows....

The Janice Martin Tribute featuring Marti Brom...

The West Coast Ramblers, who I have seen many times, and never get tired of!  These guys are awesome, and I was really pleased to see that they were part of the line-up for Viva this year.


Admiring my incredibly handsome husband...

Dancing to Tanoa Samoa Boy's set in the Bienville Room, where he played Paul Gayton's 'The Music Goes Round and Round' for well as a million other good songs, of which loverboy and I danced to every single one!

Discovering that the lift had magically been transformed into a fabulous lounge area (I have a sneaky suspicion that this had San Francisco written all over it..) and loverboy trying to take a photo, whilst the doors kept closing on him!  A hilarious Benny Hill-esque type situation ensued, but in the end he managed to get the shot!

Attempting to take a photo with these two cheeky monkeys...

...and giving up as the situation descended into too much monkey business...

Catching up with friends...

Dancing at the late night record hop...

Stay tuned for the third installment of my Viva Las Vegas 16 posts!

To be continued...


  1. Great photos! It's really obvious everyone is having a great time.

    1. Thanks Mariela! I am pretty sure that everyone was having fun! :)

  2. I just can't get past how much I love you in that purple dress. Seriously!

    I wish I had asked the guy that you are dancing with in your last photo if he would dance with me... I'm still ridiculously shy about that kind of thing though.

    1. Thanks girl! I really love the dress too! ;)

      You totally should have asked him! He is one of the English dancers and friendly! :)

      I just can't believe that I never saw you on the dance floor - it goes to show how big Viva is! I would have liked to have checked out your dancing skillz! :) xx

    2. I was even out on the floor for the jive competition. Which was so not packed this year.

      I shall have to ask him next year.... make you give us the formal introductions.

  3. The gentlemen you are dancing with at the bottom is such a great dancer. I was admiring it all weekend!

  4. Great post! You all look fab! The pictures are great too! I still cannot believe Viva was two weeks ago! I cannot wait for next year! I hope we bloggers can do a meet up!

    1. Thank you Tara! Time is flying...hopefully that means that before we know it, it will be VLV17! :) I hope we get to meet next year!

  5. So many fun photos! Still drooling over that dress! You look fantastic dancing in it as well!

    1. Thanks Elise, that's really lovely of you to say! :) xx

  6. Such wonderful photos! I love that beautiful purple dress. I can't wait for more pictures!

    Hellcat Vintage