Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brooklands Fashion Photography Course

You might remember a post I wrote back in May, about the 1940s Relived event that loverboy and I attended at the Brooklands Museum?

Well, we returned there last weekend to model for a photography course that was being run by Jason Dodd, who took the iconic 'kiss' photos of us when we met him there last time.

Coincidentally, another photo with a kiss...can't keep my lips off him!

If you live in London, then you'll know that last weekend was absolutely scorchio!  We spent the whole of Saturday at Primrose Hill for a friend's birthday picnic, before heading to the Black Heart in Camden for a one-off club night, The Boom Boom Room, which retrospectively should have been called The Boiling Sweaty Room!  Super fun night, but dancing in that little room left me a hot sweaty mess.  Talk about melting...

 Photos by Peter Ayres

So we got up bright and early on Sunday morning, fully aware of how hot it was going to be...and still decided to take some fairly warm outfit choices to wear for our photo shoot in the sweltering heat!  Looking at the results though, I'm glad we did...

Aaron chose an army uniform for the first shoot, and a sharkskin suit for the second.  Doesn't he look handsome?  Last time we were at Brooklands he was dressed as a sailor, and I have to say, I do like my man in uniform...I wonder what kind he will wear next time...

I wore a vintage jacket that I bought at an antique mall in Seattle and a vintage pink skirt that I bought on Brick Lane last year.  I had wondered what I would pair the jacket with, and I think it matched the skirt well.  For the afternoon shoot, I put on a vintage dress that I found on my Portland antique mall adventures.

We had a great day, and really enjoyed working with such a creative group of people.  A big thank you to Jason for inviting us to take part!

To see more of Jason Dodd's work, or if you would like to attend one of his photography courses, visit


  1. You look absolutely stunning, those photos are great! And who doesn't love a man in uniform, right? x

    1. Thank you Helen, we had such a fun day! I could definitely see Aaron dressed as a fireman next... ;) xx

  2. i love your blog! this post is so cute
    do u want to follow each other?