Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Refried dreams...

Well, it's true.  After searching high and low on my quest for decent Mexican food in London, I've only gone and found it.

Yes, after munching my way through tacos topped with feta cheese (Greek cheese on Mexican food?  Really?), nachos made with doritos, and tostadas piled high with mostly shredded lettuce, I have finally broken the bad-Mexican-food-in-London seal.

My Californian sweetheart had long since advised me to give up on the elusive, good UK-based Mexican eaterie dream, but I persisted in my quest, and after much research, discovered the unassuming, Buen Provecho.

Serving Mexican street food from a stall on Lower Marsh in Waterloo, at lunchtimes Monday-Friday, Buen Provecho offers a small selection of tasty foods, and does them well.

I first attempted to get my taco fix one day last week, but upon arriving at 1pm, was told that they had already sold out.  A moment later, another taco hunter appeared on a bike, and the hope on his face was soon replaced with disappointment, upon receiving the same message that I had a few seconds earlier.  He told me that this was the fourth time in less than two weeks, that he had visited the stall to no taco avail.  No bueno.

So a couple of days later, loverboy met me for an early lunch, and we headed to Waterloo.  It was just after 12pm, so I was determined that at the end of my lunch hour, we would bid each other adieu with taco flavoured kisses...

....and we did!  We each got the three tacos for £6 deal, two with cochinita pibil (pork marinated in organge juice, achiote and spices) and one with pollo con mole (chicken with mole dry chiles, nuts and spices).  They also added refried beans before we piled them up with the selection of guacamole, pico de gallo (chopped tomato and onion salsa) and salsa asada (roast tomato and chipotle, blended). 

It was a hot, sunny day, and we carefully carried our bendy paper plates - heavy under the weight of loaded tortillas - across the street to Waterloo Millennium Green.  I kept my fingers crossed that I would not spill any food onto my white top...thankfully I didn't.  The porky orange juices did drip down my hands and wrists though, as I tucked into my Mexican lunch....

The sweet and smokey shredded pork was standout, but both tacos were delicious, as well as being the most authentic ones that I have sampled in London.  Not only did they overtake all other London variants in the flavour stakes, but they were also generous with the servings to boot.

Oh yes, the taco has landed...


  1. She had some Ceviche today. Very goodly! Mhhh!

    1. Oooh, I went past there today, but ended up getting jerk chicken instead....I will have to try the ceviche next time! :)