Friday, November 7, 2014

Spooktacular shenanigans!

Ooooooohhhheeeeeee, it's been a long old time since my last post! What better time to get back on the blogging saddle, than post-Halloween?

Summer went by in a whirlwind, and we are now thoroughly in the midst of Autumn, however, the warm climes returned for a day, and rather spookily, we had a unseasonably warm Halloween this year, which was good news for all those trick or treaters.

I didn't do anything special on Halloween this year, although I thoroughly enjoyed watching loverboy answer the door and scare the living daylights out of the trick or treaters...

We went out dancing at Rock n Roll Old School the following night, and enjoyed a night filled with good music, lots of sweeties, and Hollywood icons, such as Marilyn Monroe...

I went as a circus show girl, this year, and I was escorted by Mexican wrestler extraordinaire, Lucho Lunchbox...

I'm not going to lie, ever since this party, I have been daydreaming about becoming a showgirl and running away to join the circus...

We were in good company that night, with a host of Victorian ghosts and monsters, dodgy surgeons, zombie Barbara Cartland, Max from Where the Wild Things Are, Catwoman, and Morticia and Wednesday Addams all in attendance...

We also had friends visiting from overseas, Elisa (aka Like a Tree in the Desert) and her husband Ben came along to raise a toast to All Hallows' Eve...

Another brilliant RnR Old School - thank you to Jim (DJ Big Kahuna) for putting on a frightfully fun night, and to DJ Dandy, DJ Moose and DJ Ceri Poppins for keeping us on the dance floor!


  1. Fabulous costumes!!! It really looks like you guys had a frighteningly awesome Halloween!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Yay! Good times! Hopefully we'll make it to another RnR Old School one of these days while we're visiting. See you in January! xoxo

    1. Yes! So glad you could make it! You will have to come again on your next visit! :)

  3. Great costumes, especially your showgirl outfit. Great combination of glitter and fringing! Looks like fun.

    1. Thanks Kate-Em! I have to admit, I didn't want to take my costume off when we got home - I loved being a showgirl for the night! :D