Friday, October 18, 2013

A whirlwind month!

I've had a busy old month, which sort of explains my recent lack of posts - that coupled with the fact that I have gotten really impatient with photo editing lately - so I thought I would do a quick catch up, with accompanying photos snapped on my phone...

All of a sudden it's Autumn, and whilst I've begrudgingly had to put away my sandals and sun tops, I'm enjoying the opportunity to wear my vintage suits and consume food and drink that involve pumpkin!

We popped along to the Best of Britannia exhibition held at the beginning of the month at the Farmiloe Building in Clerkenwell, which showcased British brands, designers and manufacturers.  There was a selection of wares for sale, including clothing, shoes, homeware, food and drink.

My lovely friend and British jeweller, Pip Jolley, had a stall at the event, featuring her fabulous and unique roller collection.

As well as her gold and silver pieces, Pip was also selling her new pink and seafoam green powder-coated roller necklaces and bobby pin earrings.  They are totally cute, and selling fast, so if you want one of these limited edition pieces, you'd better hurry!

Rosita Bonita also had a stall at the event, and I made sure to point out a few favourites to loverboy...

Her jewellery is crafted out of leather, so it's really light to wear, and with designs such as seashells, seahorses and mermaids, there is a touch of romance and whimsy, as well as being eye-catching.

A highlight of the month was when I went along to the Minnie Moons pop-up shop at the What Katie Did boutique and had my nails shaped and painted by my lovely friend Sharon!  She did a fantastic job, and I tell you, my half moon polish lasted for weeks before it chipped!  Weeks!

Minnie Moons will be back at WKD later this month, on Saturday the 26th if you fancy some pampering with a side of bullet bra shopping!

Last week we went to the Peacock Theatre to see Cirque √Čloize's show, ID.  It was one of the best, most beautiful and breathtaking shows I have ever seen.  So entertaining and highly recommended!

Photos were not permitted, so this is all I have by way of illustration!

This Canadian circus troupe is comprised of highly skilled performers, and combines classic circus acts with modern elements and portrays it all with a really urban feel.

This month has also involved brunch!  Meeting with friends and eating breakfast foods is one of my favourite things to do on the weekend, as it's such a nice treat and a great way to spend some quality nattering time with friends.

The hubs and I attended a butterfly taxidermy class run by the Curious Menagerie earlier this week.  The evening was arranged by Miss Turnstiles as a birthday surprise for her boyfriend, and we all had a great night!  Pinning butterflies whilst sipping champers is a surprisingly fun activity!

The funnest dances I've had over the past few weeks were at Hellzapoppin' and Rock'n'Roll Old School...

....and I plan to dance a lot more this weekend!  I hope you all have a good one! 


  1. You live such a cool life, I really mean that. Whenever you share what you've been up to with us, dear gal, I find myself thinking how much I'd adore taking part in the same kind of exciting, fun events.

    Love your teal skirt suit. It's so pretty and autumn perfect!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! Of course, it's mostly the highlights that end up on here - every day is not so exciting! - but I am very lucky to live in a city that always has something new to do and see, which makes the possibility of adventures endless! :)

      I love that suit too, thank you! I watched it on ebay for quite a long time, and eventually the price was right and I nabbed it quickly!!!! xxx

  2. London is so amazing with all of the things going on there year round. Nice to see you both enjoying so much of what it has to offer! I miss it so much it kills me :( It will be such a relief to be back there to visit next month. :) Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. I know, it is truly a fantastic city to live in! But, you are also so lucky to live in the Bay Area! I miss all my friends and the places I like to visit, and the general atmosphere of San Francisco, soooo much! Luckily you will be over here before you know it!!!! Yippeeeeeeeee! xx

  3. You sure have been busy. But its always better to be busy than bored out of your mind. You and LoverBoy look adorable. I have been wanting to start working on my wool winter skirts but the weather has been mild and that makes me just want to enjoy the weather.

    1. You are right, it is good to stay busy. I always try to make the most of my free time, otherwise life would become focused on work and the mundane things! Thank you! :) Keep enjoying the mild weather - if I had the choice I would prefer to keep my winter skirts locked away for as long as possible!!!

  4. Oooh I do love a catch up with you. You have been busy and looking gorgeous as ever. I am mad for Pip and Rosita's work. I have some pieces by them both on my X;mas wishlist. And, spookily enough a class at Curious Menagerie. I really want to do the rat class...not as pretty as the butterflies mind you! xxx

    1. Awww thanks love! I recently bought one of Pip's to get something by Rosita! The butterfly class was excellent, you should definitely book yourself in for the rat one (although, eurrghhhhhh!) if you can! xx

  5. wow, what a month! looks very exciting!