Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blade Runners

London is once again well and truly gripped by sport-fever as the Paralympics kicked off just under a week ago.

Following my trip to the Olympic Park to watch the cycling at the velodrome, I was keen to check out the stadium, and returned last Friday, with a group of friends (and a whole bunch of snacks) to watch the athletics.

The stadium was awesome (and strangely felt much smaller than it looked on tv) and the athletes were incredible - especially Hannah Cockroft who won a gold for Team GB in the Women's 100m T34.  It was a great experience, standing and singing the national anthem with a stadium full of people.

We got to see a range of track and field events, including wheelchair racing, sprinting and long jump.  We also watched the shot put and discus finals, and  I especially liked the little mini-minis that drove around, retrieving the sporting apparatus after they had been thrown!


We cheered, we sang the national anthem, we (loverboy and I) munched on snacks, we did the Mexican wave, we marvelled at the sheer brilliance of the athletes, we munched on more snacks, we did the Mobot, we clapped, we did the lightening bolt and we waved our flags with pride.

All of us had a fun time, and I'm really glad that I got to be a part of the home Olympics and Paralympics!  It's definitely been an exciting month, and although I always love London summers, this one has had a particularly fabulous atmosphere. 

Alas, I will miss the rest of the Paralympics, as I am heading to Spain tomorrow for the High Rockabilly.....I can't wait!  Expect a big post with lots of photos when I return....

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