Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bow and Crossbones under the Christmas tree

I'm pretty sure that by now, most of my readers must know about UK-based company Bow and Crossbones. The lovely Cam - Miss Bow and Crossbones herself - has definitely popped up in some photos on my blog over the years.

Cam and I at the Rockabilly Rave this past summer, where there was a Bow and Crossbones stall.

As well as selling clothing, home wares and accessories, Bow and Crossbones has a huge selection of jewellery, including  bamboo bangles and tiki earrings, kitsch brooches and a selection of gorgeous reproduction confetti lucite jewellery.

Going by my Instagram feed, and all my Hawaiian-dress-wearing friends, it's clear that the selection of bamboo jewellery is a favourite...and of course I have some B&C bamboo pieces myself!

I picked up some bamboo hoop earrings and bracelets (both the plain and double-twisted kind) at the Mid Century Market this summer, and have worn them so much. They go perfectly with summery outfits and are super lightweight, so very comfortable to wear.

Bow and Crossbones also sell chiffon scarves - such as the teal one that I am wearing in these photos. They are nice and sturdy, although the one I got is a little smaller than some of my other scarves, so I can't tie it into a full bow - this doesn't really bother me, although it would perhaps be better used as a neck scarf instead.

I also got these fabulous two tone tear drop earrings, which can be worn two ways....  

Two-in-one earrings - flip them around and voilĂ !

You can simply turn the pieces around so that they hang either as a tear drop...or an upside down tear drop shape!

It's also worth noting that you can also custom order jewellery from Bow and Crossbones.  I had these huge green confetti hoops (which you can just about see, twinkling away in the photo!) made for me earlier in the year, and I love them.

If you haven't got any Bow and Crossbones jewellery yet, then you can have a peruse online, or you can check them out in person at the Mid Century Market in Camden this coming Sunday (14th December 2014), where there will be a whole stall full of goodies....perfect for Christmas pressies or to treat yourself!


  1. Love it all! I have worn the bamboo items I bought from her at the Rockout so many times already! Love how lightweight they are ;)

  2. I really like the confetti hoops. Off for a look at their website.

  3. I was lucky enough to be at the Rockabilly Rockout this year and met Cam at the B&C stall. She is really SO nice. I picked out two pairs of hoops earrings that I just LOVE!

  4. you need to start blogging again :(